Bringing Cold Mountain Out Of Hibernation

Hi! This week, I've actually done a teeny tiny little bit of knitting. My wrists and arms are still pretty easily irritated by any kind of repetitive activity (including typing, knitting, spinning... sigh), so I've been extremely careful to only knit one or two rows a. at a time, and b. per day. As long as my muscles only feel a little bit tight and not achy-burny-bad, it seems okay.

What did I pull out to work a (FEW) rows on? This is Cold Mountain, by Kieran Foley (a free pattern on!) . I should also mention that this isn't exactly the same as the version in Knitty. There are several variations on the original offered on Kieran's website, and I'm making the Chevrons version. The yarn is Juniper Moon's incomparable Findley, a wool/silk blend with tons of drape & shine and truly impressive yardage. This colour is a favourite of mine, unsurprisingly - it's sort of gold and sort of green and all kinds of shiny. 

The pattern is lovely - super well laid out, easy to follow, and great once you get into a rhythm. (I can't get into much of a rhythm when I'm only working one row at a time and then taking a long break, but one row is better than zero rows!)

I've added lots of my own notes to the charts, to help me keep track of where I am and what's coming next; I've also been using a sticky flag to mark which row is next as I proceed. 

I chose to give my (extremely limited) knitting time to this project for a particular reason: for the last few summers, I've entered pieces of my knitting into our local agricultural fair. Normally I have quite a few items to submit, but this year I already know I won't have many, or maybe none at all. So, I thought I would try to focus on projects that, when finished, I could see entering in the fair. Although there's no specific category for lace, there is a "hand knitted shawl" category where I think this will fit. (Aside: This fair's categories are oriented much more around types of garment than types of technique, which seems strange to me, but that's how it is! They also have a LOT of categories for children's and babies' garments...)

It's possible that I still might not finish it in time; I've been working on it for a year already, and I'm only nearing the halfway point now (keep in mind that I haven't been at all project-monogamous, though). The last time I posted about it was back in September! And even if I finish, there will probably be lots of other fantastic hand knitted shawls for it to compete against. But I still want to try! I'm also thinking about focusing some energies on smaller sized projects that I could enter in other categories - a hat and mittens, for example. I can't decide whether I'm really crazy to be allotting knitting time based on future fair entries, but I LOVE the fair, and thinking about not entering anything at all makes me sad. Fingers crossed that I make the deadline!