Mini Skeins and Hexagons!

Hi! I'm still pretty excited about the blog's new look :) But I also have something pretty to show you! 

Back in the summer at Victoria's Fibrations fiber fest (which is amazing and if you're in town then you should absolutely go), I picked up some adorable mini skeins from a new-to-me indie dyer: JOMA yarn! Here's what I brought home from JOMA back then:

Joma Yarn haul!

And here are the little mini skeins, zoomed in:


They wound up completely adorably, too.

I knit these minis up back in November. I love these little hexagons, which are destined to be part of a Six'es blanket (designed by Karen Lauger); they'e so quick to knit, and really make the most of small amounts of yarn like these mini skeins! 

Even just from this little sample, I'm convinced that JOMA yarns are here to stay. Their colourways are so vibrant and exciting! The kind of colours that make you want to knit one more row every time, just to see what's coming next. 

Speaking of what's coming next - blocking photos of the JOMA hexagons coming up soon! :)