Some Photos That I Used to Know

Hi! I haven't been knitting much (okay, at all); still trying to rest up my chronically tendonitis-ey appendages. I do have something pretty to show you though - and it's not yarn for once! 

In high school, I was lucky enough to get to take several classes in photography. We used black and white film, developed our own negatives, and processed our own photos in the darkroom. It was fantastic, a creative pursuit that I found addictive. 

Once I was out of high school and no longer had access to a darkroom, I kept taking photos on colour and B&W film, and just had them processed at a photo store. I missed the darkroom but still loved making photos. Digital photography has never really made my heart beat fast in quite the same way, and I stopped taking (what felt like) artier photos years ago. But! I recently came across a folder full of my old photos. I'm sure to some they'll look weird, dated, blurry, juvenile, amateur, or just boring, but they remind me of a time when I felt particularly creative and when taking photos was a meditative, thoughtful and exciting experience for me. I like looking at them :) 

Maybe I'll share more of these old photos sometime! Are there creative or artistic mediums that you used to pursue but now don't?