JOMA Hexagon Blocking!

Hi :) Last time I showed you how the mini skeins from JOMA yarns knit up. (Basically, gorgeous.)

Here's how they blocked out (along with a couple of other hexa-stragglers from the fall):

Going for a swim!

Going for a swim!

I usually use the Ravelry scented Soak wash to block knits, but this time I used something new: Allure Wash, created by the nice people who run Bijou Basin Ranch (they make covetable yarns with yak fiber. YAK!). I heard about Allure Wash over at MisoCraftyKnits, and signed up to get a free sample. (They'll even send a free sample to Canadians, if you get in touch with them! The shipping charges for the sample are nominal - something like $2, I think.)

Allure Wash seems like a lovely product! The Woodland Mist scent they sent me is nice, and not too strong - it struck me as having more gentle perfumey notes* (*EXPERT TERMINOLOGY ALERT! Perfumey notes = sophistication of scent analysis). My personal tastes lean a bit more towards the fruity, so I'd love to have been able to try their other scent, Prairie Breeze, which has bergamot (one of my all-time favourite smells) and raspberry (my all-time favourite fruit). Scents aside, Allure has the same awesome features that a product like Soak does - washes gently and doesn't need to be rinsed out of your garments. I'd totally recommend trying their products out! Free samples are a very nice thing :)

Okay back to hexagons!!

Yay! Once everything was blocked and dry, onto the "done" pile they went :)

I'm still a loooong way away from having this blanket finished, but each little part of the process is still making me happy :) There are some adorable mini skein collections on etsy that are pretty tempting! Have you ever used mini skeins for a project?