Healing, Knitting. Hexa-Rainbows and Rainb-agons!

I'm recovering! Slowly - but surely. I'm very lucky that I've been able to take a good chunk of time off from work to stay home, consume liquids, and rest. I need it, too - I'm totally worn out! Even a quick shopping trip today completely wiped out the energy I had stored up over a few days. Oops. Also lucky for me, it turns out that knitting something simple is the perfect way to keep my mind busy (to avoid obsessing about the potentially catastrophic meaning of every tiny ache and pain - I'm a worrier ;) ) and to create something happy and beautiful at the same time.

First, I finished some socks for a beloved with cold feet. I *really* hope they fit, but if they don't, I can make more. That's the beauty of knitting, I think.

A sock for some cold feet

Next, I made a bunch of easy, comforting hexagons.


They have been the perfect project, because I don't need to read or remember a pattern, and they're small enough that I can work on them even with a supervisory cat in my lap. :) They are also hella pretty.


Even though I'm really enjoying working on these hexagons, I'd love to get back to my Shepherd hoodie, too. What are you knitting, these days? I hope it's something happy-making.