Cozy, just in time!

Remember back in the summer when I was working on an Ease sweater (design by Alicia Plummer) in Juniper Moon Farm's Moonshine yarn? I finished it! I finally finished all the deadline knitting I had on my needles, and turned back to Ease. I only had to bind off a sleeve and work a few more rows of ribbing on the bottom of the sweater, block, and voila! I knit it more or less to pattern, although as always I adjusted the length and the sleeve length to be right for my body, and I think I worked fewer inches of ribbing than the pattern called for.


Lots of ribbing

Ease sleeve


As you can see, Ease is designed to have lots of positive ease, meaning that the sweater is larger than my body. It's totally a cozy, slouchy, Saturday-afternoon kind of sweater, to me. If I was a leggings person, I'd wear it with leggings and feel totally 80s (but, I am not a leggings person).

The design is quite simple, but with some nice details. I'm very pleased with the deep ribbing on the cuffs and hem, and the wide rolled collar. I also like this yarn/pattern combo because I think it really lets the yarn shine. Moonshine is such a soft yarn, it seems perfect to cuddle up with. And the colour?! It's called "swimming pool", and I totally love it (even though I'm still 100% committed to barf green. It's still my favourite.)