Potato Chip Hexagons

On the Knitmore Girls podcast, they have a name for the kind of knitting where you just want to keep going at every step - just a few more rows, just one more section, just the next stripe. They call it "potato chip knitting", because you keep wanting just one more! I'm finding that the hexagons I'm knitting for my Six'es blanket totally feel that way. They are SO addictive! I've been finding time to knit them on the bus, mostly, but also in little moments that otherwise wouldn't be productive: waiting five minutes for some pasta to boil, or keeping busy waiting to meet a friend.

Because there will be over a hundred of them before I finish, and they all need to be blocked before seaming, I'm blocking as I go. Every time I finish a couple, I block them right away. I'll still block the whole finished blanket at the end, but this will make seaming way more reasonable.

As you can see, pre-blocking, the finished hexagons are pretty gnarly.

Curled up hexagons

My blocking method for them is simple: first, pop them into a sinkful of water (maybe with a few drops of wool wash, if I remember to add it).


Then, after a good soak, squeeze the water out and pin flat, measuring the sides to make sure that they're about the same size so they'll seam together properly.

Hexagon blocking station

As suggested in the pattern, I've left long yarn tails at the beginning and end - those tails will be used for seaming at the end, so that the seams will be even less visible. Since they'll be the same colour as the block they're next to, they should blend in nicely!

Feline hexagon interaction

Thinking about how each of the different coloured hexagons will look in the finished piece is already making me really happy :) So far I've been using scrap yarns, but I'm probably going to pick up some new yarns to add along the way, too.



Knitting these happy little shapes is definitely making me love taking the bus!