I finished a sock!

Hi! Although most of what I'm knitting right now is super secret test knitting, I do have one finished thing to share. I finished a sock!

Finished sock!

This was actually a sample knit, but it's finished and sent off, and so not a secret. I knit on this when I was waiting for instructions on my other test knit, and in places where I needed something super small and portable.

I mostly used the Yarn Harlot's simple sock recipe, but I used an afterthought heel (which she talks about in this blog post). Instead of just cutting the yarn, though, I used this method where you knit the heel stitches in waste yarn, so it's super easy to remove and pick up live stitches later.

Self striping yarn...

I went for the afterthought heel instead of my usual short row heel because I think it actually preserves the stripes even better than a short row heel does.

I just find self-striping yarns to be so MAGICAL. They start out looking all crazy...

...is magical

And you end up with perfect stripes!

This yarn is particularly nice - it's from Vancouver's aptly named Rain City Knits (There is sooo much in their shop that I love. Whoa.), in a colourway called "Local Sports Team". I'll let you guess which sports team it (probably ;) ) represents!