What to knit next?

So friends - I've FINISHED the garter stripe blanket! It still needs to have a real (amateur) photoshoot before I transfer it fully to the "done" pile, but I'm already thinking about what to knit next. There are projects in every garment category that are on my "would like to knit soon" list.

Sweater-wise, I have a sweater quantity of Juniper Moon Farm Herriot in blue. I'd love to have something drapey and swishy, to take advantage of the wonderful softness and sheen that comes with 100% BABY ALPACA omg. (It is suuuper lovely yarn!) I've been thinking of Jaina by Thayer Preece Parker - it has the drape, it has a cool collar, and it has some nice stockinette sections for when I need to relax.


(Image from the Jaina Ravelry page)

I'm also thinking about a mitts and hat set for this winter. I realized last year that I don't own a single knit hat - that's crazy!  I'm also thinking of pieces that would just loosely co-ordinate,  not match exactly. I have one skein of special undyed bulky weight alpaca from a trip to Saltspring Island a few years ago, and I'm thinking I'll make it into a Snowdrift hat, designed by Alex Tinsley. Obviously the colour of the sample on the Ravelry page appealed to me!


(Image from the Snowdrift Ravelry page)

Mitten-wise, I'd like to make the Magic Mirror Mitts, by Krystel Nyberg. The pattern is available for free in Knotions magazine online! They have a really lovely cable motif that I think will "go" with Snowdrift without being an exact match , especially if I make them in a skein of (also special) undyed angora that I have, also from a trip to an island - Granville Island! So, picture these in natural white:

Magic Mirror

(Image from the Magic Mirror Ravelry page)

I've also been having a hankering for LACE! Two skeins of Juniper Moon Farm's goooooorgeous Findley yarn in a perfect barfy green colourway recently came my way, and I'm leaning heavily towards knitting them up into Cold Mountain by Kieran Foley (a free pattern at Knitty!) There are also two slightly different FREE variations of the pattern, and I think I might make one of those. I really love the "Chevrons" version of the pattern!

Cold Mountain

(Image from the Cold Mountain Ravelry page)

There are other ideas boiling in my head, or maybe already on the needles (another blanket project!!!). I have some test knit commitments for the next couple of weeks too.

There is SO much knitting to be excited about! What are you dreaming of casting on soon?