Garter Stripe Blanket BORDER TIME!

Is there anything better than happy colours and squishy, cozy texture together? I've made some great progress on my stripey garter stitch blanket since my last update! After I finished all the coloured stripes, I wanted to add a border of some kind both to make the blanket a bit larger, and to bring in some neutrals to balance out all the colour!

I knew I wanted to use some natural, undyed Juniper Moon 100% cormo wool yarn that I had, both because it's gorgeous AND because it's from my favourite farm! (As I was knitting, I even found one of my favourite yarn features ever - a tiny dot of surprise colour! I think of it as an easter egg every time I find one of these in a yarn :) )


I considered several different border stitch options. I thought about working a garter border back and forth, in the style of the 10-stitch blanket. I considered doing a folded edge like in this Whit's Knits blanket from the Purlbee. I also mulled over a couple of log-cabin style options: either true log cabin (like these washcloths, for example), or a sort of modified version, where I picked up and knit along both long sides first, and then along both short sides (see scribbly diagrams below!)



Eventually, I decided to go with that last option - first, garter borders along both long edges, then along the two shorter edges.

I consulted a couple of "picking up stitches along a garter edge" resources, but ultimately my friend Amber came to the rescue with a photo tutorial of her technique. THANKS AMBER!  Once the stitches were picked up, the borders were just as easy and fun to knit as the coloured stripes.





I really wanted to be able to work on the blanket border on the bus, but it gets a bit crowded (especially now that school is back in!) and the blanket is getting big. So, I've started taking a slightly earlier bus in the morning to make sure I'm on a double decker - extra seating room and definitely better for knitting!



I'm so happy with how the blanket is coming along!




I have one more step in mind. My very favourite edge treatment - i-cord of course!

I want to save the rest of the natural cormo for another project, so instead I'm going to work i-cord all around the edges in gray. I poked through my yarn closet and found that I had TWO different skeins of medium gray yarn!


On the left is Briggs & Little Heritage (a Canadian yarn!), and on the right is Berroco Vintage Chunky. Both are leftovers from other projects! The Briggs & Little yarn is a rustic 100% wool, and the Berroco Vintage Chunky is a blend (50% acrylic, 40% wool, 10% nylon). Both yarns are a little bit heavier than the worsted yarns I used for the body of the blanket, but since they're just for an edging treatment, I think they'll still work. I like them both for different reasons, but I did make a decision!

I'm going to work my i-cord with the Briggs & Little 100% wool. Even though it's not a particularly soft yarn, it's hard-wearing and will last a long time. I'm also loving the idea of gray for the edges, because I think blanket edges can see more wear and tear and possibly staining. Instead of having white edges that might not hold up so well over time, this blanket will have a lovely gray outline to keep it looking great!


Also I just love gray a lot :)