The Fiber Factor: Challenge 4 Progress!

Are you following the Fiber Factor? I've been watching the videos and keeping track of the progress since the beginning, and really enjoying it! Although not all of the designs are things that I'd like to knit or wear myself, it has been kind of astounding to watch what the (very talented) contestants have been able to think of and produce with such difficult time constraints and restrictions.

Challenge #4 is probably the one I would find the most difficult so far - participants have to use an Addi knitting machine to create significant components of their garments. Yikes! At first, I though, bleh, this challenge isn't going to interest me, I'm not into machine knitting.

But! Watching the progress videos, I kept thinking how creative, thoughtful, and interesting all the projects seem in this challenge. The Fiber Factor put together a very convenient to watch playlist with all the progress videos. Check it out!

I have way too many thoughts to share them all, but here are some reactions:

  • Jenette's speeded-up video is SO neat, and her strategy for increasing stitches beyond what the machine allows is super creative!
  • John's PLAID looks sooooo awesome. I love the shape and vibe of what he's working on, too, and since I live in the Canadian part of the Pacific Northwest, I'm rooting for this design, big time. I also wear a TON of gray, soooo.
  • Steve's idea to create new, more textured and heavier yarn using the machine blew my mind. I would never have come up with that.
  • As usual, I love Natalie's esthetic, the colours she chose, and her design perspective. In just about every challenge so far, Natalie's designs have been the ones I would like to actually make and wear.
  • TERRI'S HUNGER GAMES INSPIRATION OMG!!!!!! I am sooooooooo excited to see how her garment turns out. I am a huge Hunger Games fan. I can totally see Terri making something with an over the top, Capitol Chic vibe! Something Effie Trinket would have in her closet.
  • Jodie's perseverance is totally impressive. We didn't get to see much of her design, so I'm curious!
  • I felt like Talitha is working SO hard in this challenge, and I'm really impressed by how tailored it looks like her garment will be. Also, those cables with the colourwork detail? Genius.
  • Katie's pants are so creative, and such an excellent surprise - and an overdue contribution to menswear!
  • I had to laugh when Meaghan said she just moved and didn't have a table yet - I have TOTALLY been in that position :)
  • I've been waiting for someone to make some other types of knitted garments aside from sweaters and tops, so I'm really looking forward to seeing Lauren and Rachel's skirts!
  • Watching Tracy's progress video, (it's last, but well worth waiting for), I actually said OUT LOUD "oooh, intriguing!" I'm picturing something really dramatic and hollywood glam-ish, with tons of volume. Tracy has been a frontrunner, so it will be interesting to see what she comes up with this time!

Which of the projects are you most excited about?