Garter Stripe Who's Who!

One the things that's making me very happy about my stripey garter stitch blanket is that nearly all of the yarn I'm using is left over from other projects! First, I feel virtuous using up extra yarn that's otherwise just hanging out in my yarn closet with no particular future to look forward to.

Second, I'm thrilled with the esthetics of how it's turning out, and I keep forgetting that it's mostly coincidence that I even had these yarn colours in the first place. Get ready for a long & picture heavy post... Here's a who's who!

Stripes by number!

1. Crimson: Cascade 220 Heathers in Crimson Heather

(This colourway isn't listed on the Cascade site anymore, but that's what it says on my ball band!)

I used this yarn to knit a Christmas stocking for a friend, at her request! I striped the dark red with natural white and a little bit of sparkly silver. I had quite a bit left over, and red isn't a colour I use very much, so it has been languishing in my stash until now!


2. Bright Red: Patons Classic Wool in Currant

This yarn made my very first felted project ever! The ubiquitous and adorable French Press Slippers (pattern by Melynda Bernardi) came out perfectly in this very feltable wool yarn. I added buttons from my very favourite button store, and voila! In person, the colour reads more like dark coral to me, but it's probably red.


3. Pink: 2011 Juniper Moon 100% Cormo CSA Spring Yarn Share in Nantucket

This is one of several bits of leftover Juniper Moon share yarn in the blanket. I've been lucky enough to have always renewed my share since the first time I was gifted one, in 2010. It is AMAZING yarn, and Juniper Moon is run by amazing, amazing people (who I consider to be friends :) ) I made a cozy cabled sweater out of this yarn - the Dark & Stormy cardigan by Thea Colman!


4. Sherbet: Berroco Vintage in Grapefruit

I bought this yarn especially for the blanket! I have some yarn in my stash of a very similar colour (as you may recall), but it ended up being too heavy to use. So, I picked this up to round out the warm end! I'm so glad I did.

Cantaloupe Twins!

(Vintage is on the right!)

5. Yellow: Cascade 220 in Gold

I used a little bit of this bright yellow to accent some school-team-themed fingerless gloves I made as a gift! (See #10 for a picture of the finished gloves :) )


6. Green: 2012 Juniper Moon 100% Cormo CSA Spring Yarn Share in Ojai

This is probably my favourite yarn that I have ever owned or worked with. Soft, extremely squishy, not too heavy, excellent stitch definition, and really the best colour imaginable :) I used this yarn to make a Hooray Cardigan (pattern by the genius Veera Valimaki) that I really treasure. I'm so glad this yarn is in the blanket.

Button detail

7. Emerald: Patons Classic Wool in Emerald

Another yarn that I bought specifically for this project! I love this colour (and I hear it's in style this year!)

Ojai green and emerald green!

8. Blue: 2010 Juniper Moon 100% Cormo CSA Spring Yarn Share in True Blue

This yarn is from the very first year I was a Juniper Moon shareholder! It's so so special to me. This yarn also travelled quite a long way - due to a post office mixup, the package first went to Colombia before being re-routed to my home in British Columbia :) (I want to emphasize that this was 100% a POST OFFICE mixup, the correct address was on it from the start!) So, this yarn has seen the world. I also knit it into a sweater that I really love, Tea Leaves by Melissa LaBarre.


9. Navy: Berroco Vintage in Dark Denim (I think!)

I can't share the project this is from, because I used it to make a gift that hasn't been given yet (and I don't want to spoil the surprise!)

navy skein

10. Purple: Cascade 220 in Conchord Grape

This bright purple was the main colour in the sporty fingerless gloves that feature the bright yellow yarn from stripe #5! I remember buying this yarn with team colours in mind and thinking I would probably never have a use for the leftovers. I'm so glad I thought of one.


I'm still thinking over which yarn and what strategy I'll use to finish the edges of the blanket once the spectrum-ey stripes are finished, so there might be more yarn yet to come! I'm so looking forward to seeing how this project turns out.