The Fiber Factor!

So, friends and knitters. Have you been watching the Fiber Factor? It's Skacel's knitting and design competition, running (for the first time) right now. The participants are all knitwear designers, at different stages of their careers, taking part in different challenges and creating some very impressive things in the process.

I've been watching since the beginning of the contest, and it's really interesting! So far, participants have completed three very different challenges, and they're partway through the fourth challenge. For each challenge, the designers post a progress video showing some of what they're working on. At the end of each challenge, the judges - including Karen Skacel, Cirillia Rose, and guest judges each time - post a video in which they evaluate the different submissions and choose a winner!

Alex Tinsley (of Dull Roar) and Sarah Wilson (The Sexy Knitter) have also created a recap podcast tentatively dubbed "Sexy Roar!"  where they talk about their reactions to the submissions and the judging.

For challenge #4, participants have to incorporate the use of a knitting machine into their creations. I can't imagine designing anything, let alone having to learn and use a completely new piece of equipment at the same time!

Check out photos of past challenge submissions, videos, and more over at the Fiber Factor website. 

I'm really looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with for Challenge #4!