Is it fall yet? :)

I did something exciting today! Fair!

I dropped off my entry form for our local fall fair! It's still summer weather where I live, but here, the fall fair happens on Labour Day weekend. The fair is coming up in just a couple of weeks, and entry forms were due.

I *really* love fall, it's definitely my favourite season. So, as soon as summer starts to feel even a tiny bit breezy and cool in the mornings, I get excited.

I also REALLY love agricultural fairs, pretty much across the board. What's not to love? Tons of cute and/or impressive animals, sometimes doing impressive stuff (one year our fair had an ALPACA OBSTACLE COURSE COMPETITION. OMG.)? Check! Delicious food that might be greasy or might be made from something grown very nearby? Check! Exhibits full of thing that people have grown or made with their very own hands? CHECK! Whimsy galore? Double check!

There is also a healthy dose of nostalgia mixed into my love of fairs. When I was growing up, my siblings and I not only attended but entered the fall fair every year. One year I entered a cross stitch sampler that I was very proud of (it did not win anything, how unfortunate). Another year I entered cupcakes decorated with the logo of the Toronto Blue Jays (those won first prize in kids' decorated cupcakes - oooo :) My sister was jealous.) And my mom always entered in the adult craft categories. Usually, she entered something Christmassy - beautiful, handmade Christmas stockings with cross stitched scripture excerpts on the fronts, or a set of ornaments made for each child in the family. She often won, and definitely got several of the big flashy rosette type prizes over the years.

This is the first year I'm going to enter any fair as an adult, though. I'm a little bit nervous, but mostly I'm excited - and strangely, right now I don't care at all whether I win anything. I'm just looking forward to seeing something I made out in the world where other people can engage with it, participating in local fiber arts and craft culture, and getting to eat a ton of corn dogs and mini donuts and probably pie :)

Sometime before I have to drop off my items to be (urk) judged, I'll share photos of what I'm submitting so you can cross your fingers with me, if you're the finger crossing type :)

Do you like fall fairs? Have you ever entered, or won? FAVOURITE FAIR FOOD? (Omg I cannot choose just one.)