More blanket, this time with GREEN!!!

So, green is the best. It's my favourite. And now my garter blanket has a green stripe!!!

Barf green blanket stripe is best!

Even though I loved how the blanket looked with just warm colours, I'm LOVING that I get to move on to happy rich greens and cool blues now, too.

Seriously, green is the best.

This particular green that you're seeing is leftover from last year's Juniper Moon Fiber Farm spring CSA share, dyed in the one of a kind and totally perfect Ojai colourway.

Warm spectrum + green. Perfect!

There's just something about greens that makes my heart go pitter pat :)

And I DID find a rich, deep, emerald green to follow up the Ojai with!!

Ojai green and emerald green!

I really think they look lovely side by side.

Yep :)


Squishy, cozy, cheerful garter stitch, you are the best :)