Peach! Light Coral! Cantaloupe! Soft Orange! Sherbet! Grapefruit!

So, as I suspected, I couldn't get that light orangey pinky colour out of my head. I do very much like how the bright yellow I have looks next to Nantucket pink... Pinks then Yellow?

But, I decided I should at least check out my local yarn stores to see what they had - if they had nothing in that colour, problem solved.

It turned out that the perfect colourway was waiting for me after all!

Cantaloupe Twins!

On the bottom, the original yarn I wanted to use, from Maiwa. On the top, a skein of Berroco Vintage I picked up - the colourway is called Grapefruit! I could not get over how close the colours were.

Cantaloupe Twins!

I'm glad I decided to take Grapefruit home with me (and luckily it didn't break the bank, either).

Then, when I went to put the too-heavy-Maiwa-yarn back in my closet, I noticed something...

Wait... is that two different peach yarns in my closet?

The wound yarn in the foreground is the stuff from Maiwa... but just behind and to the right, you can see ANOTHER skein of yarn that looks suspiciously similar in colour!

Apparently, I *really* love this colour, because upon inspecting my stash and finished projects...

Peach Pile!

I can see that I've got a lot of it! On the top, the skein of Berroco Vintage in Grapefruit destined for my garter stitch blanket. Underneath, a skein of fingering weight merino/cashmere/nylon that I dyed myself at a workshop a couple of years ago. In the top right, the yarn from Maiwa. And on the bottom, a Begbie cowl knit from some local handspun I bought. Um... I guess I like light orangey pinks?!

I found something else rifling through my closet.

Also found in the closet... where can I find worsted weight wool in that bright emerald?!!

On the right, Ojai leftovers that will definitely be part of the blanket. That skein of bright emerald green on the left?!! It's laceweight, definitely not something that would work for the blanket, but WHERE can I get some bright cheerful emerald green worsted weight?! ACK! It looks SO GOOD next to the Ojai!!!

I guess I won't be able to call it a "scrap" blanket after all, will I?