I offer a cat on a knit!

Today, I'm in the middle of managing some deadlines (because I'm dumb and didn't manage them when I should have...) And I've been doing some secret knitting for a gift project, so I can't even show you that.

Instead, I offer you a photo of my cat on a knit :)


(I looked through my stash photos the other day, and realized I have kind of a lot of photos of my cat on knits or near stash. So I'll be posting them now and then!)

The knit above is the Hooray Cardigan (pattern by Veera Valimaki), which I knit in Juniper Moon Farm's share yarn in the (limited edition) Ojai colourway. I wrote a series of blog posts over at the Juniper Moon blog as I knit the sweater! My cat approved.