On local yarn culture and feeling lucky...

Yesterday, I needed to pick up some yarn for a new (secret) project. I was having a fairly grumpy day, but I was glad that I could pop into a yarn shop. I thought, this will definitely cheer me up, even if I can only get yarn for this one very specific thing and do NO OTHER SHOPPING (because budgets).

Unfortunately, the shop I headed to didn't have anything that would work for this very specific project. I wasn't looking for anything really weird or rare, and even though the shop has what I consider to be an excellent selection of yarn, I left empty handed.

Still kind of grumpy (although relieved to have made it out of there without spending any money I don't have), I headed to the second yarn shop within walking distance of where I live. That's right - there are TWO very good yarn stores just minutes from where I live. Granted, I live in a city, and a smaller one that lends itself to things being mostly close together. But still - I just went on to the next shop, which did have the thing I needed (worsted weight superwash in a particular colour).

navy skein

I realized this morning, and not for the first time, how very, very lucky I am. My local yarn culture is pretty incredible. Besides the two very good shops I visited yesterday, there are several more within bussing or driving distance, and at least one that specializes in carrying locally grown, locally spun, locally dyed yarns and fibers for spinning, as well as locally produced tools and other products. I am SO spoiled for choice in where and what I can purchase in person, not to mention the amazing community of people who support and sustain the fiber culture here. I feel very lucky to have these things.

What's the local yarn culture like where you live?