I like having a chance to win free stuff! No joke.

So, I'm a huge and unabashed Juniper Moonie. Meaning that I moon over basically whatever Juniper Moon Farm does. (Too cheesy? Moonie? No? Yes? PUNS?!) And they're having a really, really awesome contest right now. There are instructions on this blog post over there for what to do (very easy)... to get the chance to win a TON of gorgeous patterns! For freeeee! Free stuff. I'm saying, free stuff is good.

Full disclosure: although I'm pretty much just a huge fangirl, I've tested and sample knit some of their patterns in the past. They are lovely patterns (here are all the ones available digitally right now - there are more in print booklets that might be at your LYS!), and even lovelier people running the company.

Check out their stuff! Juniper Moon! Go go go! :)