Ease Progress! And some normal sweater doubts.

So, almost always when I'm knitting something, I'll have at least one period of doubt about the project. If it's a garment, I'll eventually worry that it won't fit the way I way hoping it would. Sometimes I second guess a colour choice I've made, or a modification I chose. Often my worries are totally irrational, and rationally, I know that the project will very likely end up being great in the end.


Sometimes blocking will make all the difference, sometimes I'll remember that garments will look better on my body when I'm wearing regular clothes (instead of "hanging out at home clothes"... I hope I'm not the only person who has those).


Anyway, despite making good progress on my Ease sweater (and therefore making NO progress on the work I'm actually supposed to be doing), I'm feeling a bit worried about it. Irrationally so, of course :)


Do you ever have mid-project doubts?