Tastiness in Photos: Granola!

So, I mentioned Susan Gibbs' amazing granola last week. Once I started making granola at home, I was hooked! I really like customizing things :) Definitely check out Susan's recipe - it's a bit different than other granola recipes, but hella tasty. I made a big batch yesterday, and took some photos as I went...

First, unsweetened shredded coconut!

granola coco

It turned into TOASTED coconut!

granola toast coco

Next up, toasted sesame seeds!

granola coco sesame

Pumpkin seeds!!

granola seeds

Dried cranberries are very pretty.

granola cran

Also dried apricots which are delicious!

granola fruit

Oats are pretty key to successful granola.

granola oats

Not pictured: toasted almonds, pistachios, and hazelnuts. Oops.

granola finished


Ready to be scooped on top of greek yogurt and some Babe's honey!