Back to (mostly) normal!

My wrists are finally feeling nearly normal, even when I'm knitting! YES. I just didn't feel like myself when I had to completely abstain! I'm still trying to limit my knitting time, work in shorter spurts instead of marathon sessions, ice my wrists frequently, and avoid too much mouse or trackpad use. Hopefully I can avoid serious problems in the future!

Today I separated the sleeves from the body on Ease. I also switched to a longer circ just to try the sweater on and make sure the size seemed okay - I think it's on the right track!

Ease-sleeve sep

My gauge is way off from pattern gauge. I'm still using the recommended needle, 6mm, but I'm getting 5sts/" (horizontally) - even though my swatch was right on pattern gauge! I just worked backwards from my desired bust circumference (37" for this sweater - so there will be zero ease when it's finished). 37"*5sts/inch=185sts. Easy! So I just continued the raglan increases until the body stitches were close to 185 (excluding sleeves, of course).

The fabric is coming out so lovely - this yarn is awesome! Looking forward to wearing this already :)