Hello! I’m Sarah. I’m a knitter. Barfy green is my favourite colour. I also like sunny yellows and cool grays and bright happy corals – but barf green is best.

Excited Fibrations Face!

I’m Canadian, so I spell colour ‘colour’ and not ‘color’.

I have an adorable, blue-eyed siamese-calico cat named Miss New Zealand; she loves yarn and handknits... primarily, she loves spreading as much cat hair as possible aaaaall over them.

Yarn win!

Feline usurper ;)

I really love pie, and I think it’s totally fine to have pie for breakfast (although greek yogurt and granola and fruit and oatmeal are also good ideas).

I am enthusiastic about tea, and walking, and the ocean, and cardigans!

I hope you'll enjoy reading about what I'm knitting, spinning, thinking, and planning. Leave me a comment, I LOVE hearing from you!!