JOMA Hexagon Blocking!

Hi :) Last time I showed you how the mini skeins from JOMA yarns knit up. (Basically, gorgeous.)

Here's how they blocked out (along with a couple of other hexa-stragglers from the fall):

Going for a swim!

Going for a swim!

I usually use the Ravelry scented Soak wash to block knits, but this time I used something new: Allure Wash, created by the nice people who run Bijou Basin Ranch (they make covetable yarns with yak fiber. YAK!). I heard about Allure Wash over at MisoCraftyKnits, and signed up to get a free sample. (They'll even send a free sample to Canadians, if you get in touch with them! The shipping charges for the sample are nominal - something like $2, I think.)

Allure Wash seems like a lovely product! The Woodland Mist scent they sent me is nice, and not too strong - it struck me as having more gentle perfumey notes* (*EXPERT TERMINOLOGY ALERT! Perfumey notes = sophistication of scent analysis). My personal tastes lean a bit more towards the fruity, so I'd love to have been able to try their other scent, Prairie Breeze, which has bergamot (one of my all-time favourite smells) and raspberry (my all-time favourite fruit). Scents aside, Allure has the same awesome features that a product like Soak does - washes gently and doesn't need to be rinsed out of your garments. I'd totally recommend trying their products out! Free samples are a very nice thing :)

Okay back to hexagons!!

Yay! Once everything was blocked and dry, onto the "done" pile they went :)

I'm still a loooong way away from having this blanket finished, but each little part of the process is still making me happy :) There are some adorable mini skein collections on etsy that are pretty tempting! Have you ever used mini skeins for a project?

Mini Skeins and Hexagons!

Hi! I'm still pretty excited about the blog's new look :) But I also have something pretty to show you! 

Back in the summer at Victoria's Fibrations fiber fest (which is amazing and if you're in town then you should absolutely go), I picked up some adorable mini skeins from a new-to-me indie dyer: JOMA yarn! Here's what I brought home from JOMA back then:

Joma Yarn haul!

And here are the little mini skeins, zoomed in:


They wound up completely adorably, too.

I knit these minis up back in November. I love these little hexagons, which are destined to be part of a Six'es blanket (designed by Karen Lauger); they'e so quick to knit, and really make the most of small amounts of yarn like these mini skeins! 

Even just from this little sample, I'm convinced that JOMA yarns are here to stay. Their colourways are so vibrant and exciting! The kind of colours that make you want to knit one more row every time, just to see what's coming next. 

Speaking of what's coming next - blocking photos of the JOMA hexagons coming up soon! :)

Chevron Blanket: Forest Heather or Bust!

Last time I updated you on my Heirloom Chevron Throw, it looked like this (ugh, this photo is blurry because my corner of Canada + November = dark all the time!): And the after!

Since then, I've made some fun progress! I finished the last rows of the 4th stripe, in Cascade 220 "Irlande".

Green stripey pileup!

Shiny needles ooo

5 colours finished!

After I finished the last full chevron, the next bit of the pattern is to work two corner triangles to square everything off, using the last colour. I really love changing colours in striped projects. It just always feels really momentous!

First row!

First row!

First row!

The last colour is also Cascade 220, in "Forest Heather". I've been pretty impressed with the Cascade 220 colourways that I chose for this project, especially the Heathers, because they're actually fairly layered and interesting. I think of Cascade 220 as an affordable workhorse yarn, and I think it's been just right for this project. Good drape, enough squish factor, and lots and lots of colours to choose from. I'm so pleased with how all the colours are looking together! It's definitely a greeny-goldy bonanza. Not colours that would make everyone happy, but I really like them.

Aw yeah that goldy greeny gorgeousness

Of course, somebody still thinks this project is JUST for her, so when I spread it out to look at my progress and take a few photos, she opportunistically jumped up and settled in. Sneak!

Cat burglar!!

Chevron blanket update... and blanket surgery!

It's been a while since I've posted anything about my chevrons blanket (aka Heirloom Chevron Throw by Jocelyn Tunney - the pattern is FREE)! Despite still having generally terrible wrists/forearms, I'm managing to sneak in tiny bits of knitting here and there (mostly because I am not typing very much right now - my typing job is on hold for a little while, so I can stand a bit more knitting as a result). Here's the blanket with gratuitous cat blanket thief! Cat blanket thief

Chevron blanket progress

Looking good! Wait a minute... what's that in the apple green stripe?


Ugh! A weird little tuft of yarn! At first I thought maybe I'd done a bad job of felted-join-ing, but upon closer inspection, I remembered that it was just a felty nep in the yarn, and when I knit it in, I'd thought it would blend in fine. But because everything else is so smooth, it's REALLY obvious. And annoying. I decided I could probably fix it with some surgery, by cutting the yarn, unpicking the few stitches where the nep was, and grafting with new yarn... weaving in the ends on the back for close to seamlessness.



Ooh messy

I worked on figuring out the kitchenering with contrasting yarn, to make it easier to see what was going on. Then I tied on the right colour of yarn to the contrast yarn, and gently pulled/guided the correct yarn through. (I really should have taken more photos... but it was intense.)

A little bit better

A little bit fuzzy, but:

And the after!

Pretty good, right?

Can you see where I fixed it?

This is the spot I fixed! Could you tell?


I am loving this blanket, even though it's sooooo slow going. 20 more rows (10 more ridges) of this colour and then I'll be on to the final triangles to square it off!

Chevrons progress

What are you knitting these days??


It's aaaaaaaalmost FALL FAIR TIME! Sign

As you may remember from last year, I am a HUGE fall fair fan. I just kind of love everything about them, a quality which has baffled a lot of my friends lately. But seriously, what's NOT to love about them? Crisp weather (hopefully), adorable animals of all kinds, deep fried foods, farmer's marketey produce and products, a midway, and exhibits full of hand made entries! I love love love fall fairs :)

Last year was the first year I entered things I had made into the fair since I was a kid, and it was definitely as fun as I remembered! I even won some ribbons, which was delightful.

A few days ago, I dropped off my entry form for this year's fair. Eeeee! Not the actual entries yet, those don't need to go in until shortly before the fair in a few weeks.


So, based on those only slightly cryptic categories, can you guess what I'm entering? (You don't actually have to guess... I'm going to tell you because EXCITEMENT!)

First, a plain sweater, which can only have garter, stockinette, and ribbing. Remember this guy?


Plain! And cozy :)

Next, a sweater with "fancy stitching"!


Basically, there are 3 categories of sweater - plain, fancy, and traditional aran. Even though this sweater has aran elements, I don't think it's a "traditional" aran. Hence, fancy stitching! I'm really really proud of this sweater, so I hope the judges like it.

The third entry is a baby's blanket. I'm entering this happy thing!

A pop of colour!

I know the difficulty level is very low, since it's all garter stitch, but I love the colours, so I'm going to enter it :)

Last thing! MITTENS! I'm entering these softie cabley beauties.

Here's to warm hands!

That's it! I still have a few weeks to wait until the actual fair, but I'm really looking forward o it already. Are you entering anything in your local fair? If you never have, DEFINITELY consider it! It's really fun, and helps to support agricultural fairs so they can continue to exist. Yay fairs!

Hexagons Catchup!

Hi! Happy July! I'm still not actively knitting. Resting, resting, resting my body (mostly wrists and arms). Well, resting them in the sense that I'm not knitting. I can't get away from typing and writing and other hand-active activities (I made those terms up, could you tell?), because jobs.

But! I have some hexagon pictures to show you from a couple of weeks ago :)

I'm working sloooowly on the Six'es blanket (pattern by Karen S. Lauger). I want it to be as full-sized as possible, so I'm aiming for 189 hexagons. I'm currently at... (drumroll)...

Hex pileup!

75. Oh.

I thought I had way more complete! Look at the height of that hexagon tower! That's okay - it just means more fun time knitting hexagons in the future. (Also, look at all these crazy yarn tails!)

One million yarn tails

I also had some new yarn to knit hexagons with - I had a birthday a while ago, and was gifted a Knitpicks gift card! Here's what I chose: four colours of Knitpicks Palette yarn!

New Yarn!

Let's zoom in a bit closer...

Happy colours

Oh yeah. LOVE those colours! I started with the pistachio green, and then cast on with the royal blue.

Pistachio Half Hex

Pistachio Hex

Cobalt Blue Potential

Blocking, as always, makes a HUGE difference with these little shapes.


Ta da!

Hex blocking

Even though this project is super slow going, I'm still enjoying working up these little 6-sided jolts of colourful happy. Hopefully when my body is back in knitting shape I'll be churning out more of them!